Jibran Nasir in U.S.A :New Breed of Military Establishment,White Helmet Propagandist,Disguised As Emancipator of Victims of Terrorism



Recently article of Ali Abbas Taj, Editor of popular secular, human rights based blog LUBP appeared on LUBP.com titled with “Questions Mona Kazim Shah should ask of False Sunni Shia binary peddler and White Helmet Jibran Nasir? “

White Helmet may be new and unknown term for my some readers so I want to throw some light on this term.

An article posted on www.globalresearch.ca : ‘White Helmets’: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists, Disguised as ‘Humanitarians’ in Syria. This article starts with this sentence,


“White Helmets is the newly minted name for ‘Syrian Civil Defence.’ Despite the name, Syria Civil Defence was not created by Syrians nor does it serve Syria. Rather it was created by the UK and USA in 2013. Civilians from rebel controlled territory were paid to go to Turkey to receive some training in rescue operations. The program was managed by James Le Mesurier, a former British soldier and private contractor whose company is based in Dubai.”

So in my though Jibran Nasir type so called activists are ‘New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists deputed by military establishment , disguised as ‘Emancipators’ of Shiite community of Pakistan, which is major victim of Takfiree Deobandi terrorism.

Khurram Zaki a Shiite intellectual activist , Co-editor of blog LUBP and admin of various social pages on social media against exclusionist ideology of Wahhabism and Deobandism (who was targeted to death by Deobandi Takfiree terrorists on 7th May,2016 in Karachi) started a campaign against Takfiree Deobandi organization Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat –ASWJ (which was banned just in papers and fully active all over the country) and Red Mosque Brigade including most Takfiree and big supporter of ISIS, Al-Qaeda , Lashkar Jhangvi. Main purpose of this social campaign on one side to spread awareness in public against such exclusionist elements and on other side to increase pressure on civil and military leadership to arrest all active exclusionist and takfiree fascists elements and to implement a real ban on Takfiree Deobandi banned organization working against not only Shiite community but against Sufi Sunnis, Christians, Ahmadis, Hindus and others.

Khurram Zaki was among those intellectuals who not only were ideologically  refuting false binaries like Shiite-Sunni or Iran-Saudi for understanding Takfiriee Phenomenon and its offshoots bloody terrorists who were targeting every those person who did not agree with their Takfiree Ideology but active practically against all sympathizers, facilitators, obfuscators and apologists of Takfiree Deobandi terrorism. He really did excellent job to come together all victims of Takfiree terrorism particularly he worked for solidarity between people belonging to mai mainstream Shiite Islam and mainstream Sunni Islam( both are majority communities of Muslim Population in Pakistan).

As I knew him, view of Khurram was that divide in masses on question of terrorism and its roots was not only due to those writers, scholars, intellectuals and so called analysts who were  openly on side of terrorists and acting as ideologues for them but mainly this divide was due to those obfuscators who not only obfuscated identity of terrorists but use Saudi Arab Vs Iran or Shiite Vs Sunnis framework to explain target killings , suicide bombings and Takfiree campaign against Shiite, Sufi Sunnis in Pakistan.Such obfuscators disguised themselves either as Human rights activists, progressive, liberal , Marxist analysts or social activists.Khurram Zaki devised term ‘Comercial liberal mafia ‘ or Sufayani liberals for such obfuscators and called them apologists for Deobandi Takfiree terrorism in Pakistan.Khurram Zaki’s efforts and intellectual struggle were getting popularity much among Shiite youth of Pakistan and following of him increasing more and more.His campaign not only attracted Shiite community but many others having  Sunni Muslims , Ahmadis , Christian , Hindu background.

Khurram first gave a sit-in in Karachi against ASWJ and where he and his comrades forced to Sindh Government to make an agreement to take steps against organized hate campaign of ASWJ against Shiite and other religious communities. In that sit-in we first time saw Jibran Nasir and then Khurram started campaign against cleric of Red Mosque after his video released in which he denied to condemn attack on APS Peshawar KPK and he showed his bigoted and Takfiree ideas against Shiite community.Jibran Nasir tried to capture this whole movement and When Khurram started to expose double standards of military establishment along with civilian leadership then Jibran Nasir Exposed bitterly.

Ali Abbas Taj (who was very close comrade of Khurram Zaki) alleged that Jibran Nasir ditched Khurram Zaki in the time of need, tried to insult him and even pressurized him through an ISI brigadier not to protest outside Red Mosque. You even said that we will protest only when LEAs allow us; were you working on the dictations of ISI.

Jibran Nasir tried to pose himself as expert of Muslim history and he perpetuated the lie that notorious Deobandi hate cleric, cleric Mazhar Ali Azhar – known for his Anti -Ahmadi and Anti-Shia views was a Shia. His lie made no sense but he still used it at the La Takfir conference to rub it in the face of the Shia community facing genocidal violence. He repeated the canard that Mazhar Ali Azhar, who called the Shia Muslim Founder of Pakistan, Jinnah, and a Kafir was also a Shia! Besides being a lie, this made no sense. He was misguided young minds through such lies. Aim was to prove his false binary seeking approach.

On Malik Ishaq’s death, rather than condemning a corrupt, Pro-Taliban judiciary, he chastised Shias for showing relief. He was actually a part of the compromised movement to restore these corrupt, pro Takfirist Judges who overturned standing convictions against Malik Ishaq even as he boasted of his intent to kill more Muslims. This type of statements in fact shows his false non-partisan mentality or neutrality and price for such false neutrality was obfuscation of identity of terrorists and such approach created justification of Shiite killing by Takfirist Deobandi.

Jibran Nasir is not only himself clear on Question of religious Fascism and its roots but he misguides people on this question. He various times presents the Deobandi terrorism in Pakistan as some reciprocal violence against two or more sects? He even does not tell his audience difference between mainstream Sunni Islam and Wahhabi-Radical Deobandi ideology-An ideology very close to exclusionist ideology.

I talked to him through mobile phone and asked him Why had he presented the issue with false neutrality and not called out ever  perpetrators who were responsible for 99% of violence by their Deobandi identity? He did not reply.

He is now in United States of America and he is going to deliver a speech in Galaxy Hall, University of Texas of Dallas on 25th September,2016.Topic is ‘ Pakistan , Current Affais , Minorities and Terrorism ‘.

I think Ali Abbas Taj has raised valid questions in time and Mona Kazim Shah should put them in front of Jibran Nasir who has become popular but forgotten Molvi Abdul Aziz; and Ali Abbas Taj correctly pointed out that Jibran  used it to pimp himself  and then left Khurram to fight.Khurram Zaki  had targeted to death while  fighting and Jibran  kept selling the blood of martyrs and forget  campaign against Abdul Aziz and he’s still sitting there in the mosque.

On whose instructions did you end the campaign against him? That is very important question raised by Ali Abbas Taj, should be asked by Mona Kazim Shah of  Sunni Shia binary peddler and White Helmet Jibran Nasir.But I am little hope.



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