Letter to Her Father,Who is now in the list of enforced Missing people of Baluchistan


Photo: Hani Baloch, Young daughter of enforced missing Baloch writer Abdul Wahid Baloch 

Note : This is an open letter written by Hani Baloch who is elder daughter of Abdul Wahid Baloch, a poet , writer and social activist allegedly picked up by men of some intelligence agency of Pakistan on 26th July,2016,while he was returning from Mirpur Sindh to Karachi after attending a wedding ceremony of his friend. He was picked by men in plain cloth at Toll Plaza of Karachi near Sindh Rangers check post. That is not first case of enforced missing of any Baloch person but there are thousands of Baloch people have been included in the list of enforced missing people of Baloch community.




According to an 8 December 2005 statement, by the then Pakistani interior minister Aftab Sherpao, an estimated 4000 people from Balochistan in the custody of the authorities[5]having been detained in the province between 2002–2005.[16] Of this number only 200 were taken to court and the rest were being held incommunicado according to author Manan Dwivedi writing in 2009.[16]

However, in early 2011 The Guardian newspaper reported that “several human rights groups, including Amnesty International” had documents “more than 100 bodies” found dumped in Balochistan, many “mutilated corpses bearing the signs of torture” – “lawyers, students, taxi drivers, farm workers.”[6] According to EU MP Marc Tarabella, based on collated newspaper reports, the number of those “killed after abduction … exceed 2000”.[5] According to Ashraf Sherjan, president of the Germany Chapter of the Baloch Republican Party, “families of enforced-disappeared Balochs” report that between 1999 and 2015, “more than 20,000 Balochs have disappeared”.[17][18]

Civil Society of Karachi city under banner of #SaveWahidBaloch campaign is going to organize a March from Regal Chowk to Karachi Press Club on Monday ,3 October,2016.



TAKE OUT MY Heart I Want to become Heartless

   Hani Wahid Baloch

Do you know why I want to become heartless? Let me explain. I am feeling pain and I am feeling great sadness as I haven’t been strong enough to raise my voice for Justice. I am feeling this heartache because I am badly missing you dearest Papa. I am feeling so helpless and forlorn because I am not able to find you Papa. I am feeling devastated; though every heart beat of mine is searching for you but I don’t know where you are my sweetest Papa??

Now I suppose you will understand why I don’t need my heart??

I wouldn’t be able to express my feelings in the world. If anyone wants to remove the pain that I feel being away from my dearest Papa should take out my heart so that the agony of these painful feelings of not knowing how my Papa is end. I don’t want this aching heat any more.

 Fathers are the sunshine to light up the life of children why has this light been snatched from us. Fathers are the trees to give shadow but my papa you are root because you are foundation. I love you papa as the hunger craves for food I love you papa as a body needs the soul .You complete my world now my life is absolute darkness. Papa! Come to me why have you left me alone? You are our happiness and hope. I don’t have enough words to tell how badly I am missing you Papa. You loved me unconditionally and I’m more broken because inside I’m dying papa.

 There will never be enough words to describe my feelings that how important you are!!

My life without you is meaningless Papa now I don’t know what to do with myself now don’t ask me why?? Because my pain is beyond explanations! Nobody can feel my feelings; people won’t understand how I am feeling without my Papa.  Only those who have suffered this pain can understand it. My searing tears come from my soul and not my eyes. Living without my Papa is an impossibility

I Know my pain is the reason for enemies laughter but I’ll defeat my enemies  with my success and my victory is safe recovery of my Papa.

Papa your crime in loving books that’s why you are in the torture cell but my crime is I need you papa I can’t bear this separation anymore. A child and a family being denied their father is the greatest injustice!!

Would like to keep your aching heart if you too were denied your father for no reason?


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