Vendor guy Selling Takfiri Ideology on road And NAP has been buried Somewhere – Usman Ghazi





Syed Mansoor Zaidi (from right to left) father targeted to death and Syed Ammar Zaidi injured by Deobandi Takfiri Terrorists on 8th October,2016 in front of his house


Note: Usman Ghazi, a Journalist by profession and works in private Pakistani TV channel. He writes blog on his Facebook account regularly. He has Sunni family background like me. He believes that Shiite community is being targeted in very organized manner by Takfirist Deobandi organizations. Although in his blog he avoided to mention name of that banned organization but in some other articles he has revealed Deobandi Takfiri Identity of killers of Shiite community in Pakistan. He tells us that how Pakistani authorities seem not very serious to implement National Action Plan to curb those element who are involved in paving way for Shiite genocide in Pakistan. He reveals state failure and its passive action in case of organized killing of Shiite community by Takfirists. Tragedy is that Pakistani state tells international community that Pakistani people are themselves victims of terrorism and about seriousness in uprooting cancerous tumor of terrorism. But on other side state officals never tell international community that why banned organizations like ASWJ/SSP , Jaish-e-Muhammad , Jamat-ud-Dawa are working without any hurdle and their leaders are roaming free all over the country. So due to double standards of Pakistani state officials, Shiite genocide iin Pakistan is continuing despite tall claims made by Pakistani state officials every day.


Usman Ghazi


Why Shia target killing couldn’t be stopped?

By Usman Ghazi

Non-Stop Shiite genocide started in Pakistan on 1981 from Liaqatabad Karachi and this is continuing till to target killing of Shia educationist Syed Mansoor Zaidi.


According to Shiite organizations, 23000 Shias have been targeted to death but independent sources says that 15 thousands Shias have been targeted to death. According to World Fact Book, Shias are 20% of total Population of Pakistan, it means that after Iran their largest population lives in Pakistan.


In War on Terror nine thousands Shia out of 45000 were killed, it means in this war 20% people from Shia community were killed by Takfirists. So now there is no other opinion except that Shiite community in Pakistan is being killed in very organized way and ugliest face of this organized killing of Shiite community is policy of state of Pakistan.

On Karani Road Quetta where a bus was stopped by armed men riding in three motorbikes and they killed four women and injured one identifying them as Hazara Shiite women in separate portion in bus for women only. Where this tragedy was happening in Quetta, there was 144 imposed in city and there was Police Station near about 7 feet away from that place where four women were targeted. Terrorists easily completed and fled.


How terrorists easily complete their task and fled despite such tight security arrangements? To know answer of this question I tell you real story:

“I was sitting in a Café along with a Police officer, National Action Plan was newly introduced in those days and I was thinking that now All things will be OK as Mangu Tonga Walla thinks in short story ‘New Law’ written by Sadat Hassan Munto.There was hoisting a flag of a banned organization in front that Café and there was Shia population in backyard where this flag was hoisting. I asked that Police Officer, “Now NAP has been introduced, so you should remove this flag of banned organization. He pointed out toward a vendor who was selling fruits there under that flag and revealed that Vendor guy just had come from jail after releasing on bail and he belonged to that banned organization. If I tried to remove that flag, he would bring dozens of people from his area in his support and there will be destroyed peace of this area. Such are introduced often and then soon buried. We know well how our area can be in peace.”

Many days has been passed and Flag is still hoisting there and Vendor guy is also selling fruits and promoting hatred,Takfiri Ideology there. My believe is that, the day when such flags of banned organization will be removed and  such vendor guys from banned organizations will be stopped to sell Takfiri Ideology on roads,that will be start of implementation of NAP and first step of prevention of Shia Genocide in Pakistan.





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